LEDX is a New Zealand  company specialising in lighting technology. LEDX strategy for the New Zealand lighting market is to listen to customers, innovate, manufacture and supply their lighting needs. The focus of LEDX's strict quality standards (SQS) is to care for the New Zealand environment. LEDX, is our  first LED range on the New Zealand lighting market. LEDX provides the latest LED technology in New Zealand and offers premium quality, environmentally friendly products at an affordable rate.



When you’re looking for a lighting consultancy that has a passion for lighting design and a vast and diverse experience you need look no further. OTL are here to help you to accommodate your requirements for all residential and industrial LED's applications


Our passion for the LED lighting technology combined with our ambition been our driving motivator since Design LED was founded back in 2004. Our team and R&D centre in Henderson have the opportunity to make your vision a reality by providing our incredible LED Light Tiles to an international lighting design and engineering community.


As a member of the New Zealand’s LED and business’ society, OTL's has the largest manufacturers facility for professional LED-lighting. Our factory’s cornerstone is the stability and the infrastructure, typically, we look forward to the coming 100 years